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"Our biggest wish this year is for peace to come again... But this peace must be fair, not to encourage the seizure of lands and not to leave the people of Ukraine at the mercy and violence of the occupiers," said the President of Germany.

According to Steinmeier, the Germans are afraid of Russia's brutal attack on Ukraine and the terrible suffering of Ukrainians, the return of the war to Europe, as well as the risk of escalation of hostilities.

"Until peace comes, we must support those who have been attacked, threatened and oppressed," the president emphasized.

And he added that he is proud of his country, where so many people extend a helping hand, because they feel responsible for others and for society as a whole.

If there was anything good in 2022, it was the realization that "we will overcome all difficulties together," Steinmeier noted.

Therefore, the German leader called on the compatriots to be united and not to lose faith in their own strength. 

"This year we proved to be capable of much more than we thought," the German leader summed up. 

Steinmeier's statements

It will be recalled that earlier 

Steinmeier called on the Chinese leader Xi Jinping to use his influence on the Russian dictator Putin

to stop the war with Ukraine. 

In addition, he

considers the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia unacceptable


He said that a truce would justify the injustice. 

At  the same time

, Steinmeier is convinced that the reconstruction of Ukraine should begin without waiting for the end of the war


In particular, an international expert conference was held in Berlin, where the issues of recovery and modernization of Ukraine were discussed.

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