KMT Secretary-General Huang Jianting went south to coordinate the election of Kaohsiung City Council Speaker today. Faced with the KMT members suddenly taking guns and defecting to the green camp before the election, he emphasized that he would do his best until the last moment!

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] The day before the election of the KMT Kaohsiung City Councilor and Deputy Speaker, the election situation changed drastically. Lu Shumei is no longer elected, and the Kuomintang Secretary-General Huang Jianting will go south urgently in the afternoon, and will work hard until the last moment to prevent the Kuomintang from opening the window for tomorrow's election.

The Kuomintang's coordination meeting this afternoon was originally to coordinate the candidate for the deputy speaker, but the situation became chaotic today, and even the speaker nominee Lu Shumei was not selected, forcing the Kuomintang Secretary-General Huang Jianting to rush south to preside over it.

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However, the current speaker Zeng Liyan and the deputy speaker Lu Shumei, who were originally vying to be the speaker, did not show up at the coordination meeting this afternoon. Among the 29 elected party members, only 9 people attended, and the meeting ended hastily.

When Huang Jianting left, his expression was not very good. He emphasized: "We are still trying to grasp many situations, and we will do our best until the last moment!" Huang Jianting then drove away accompanied by Xu Fuming, the chairman of the Kaohsiung City Party Committee. I want to go to Lu Shumei's home and try my best to save her.

In addition, Ke Zhien, the executive director of the Kuomintang think tank who failed to challenge the mayor of Kaohsiung, had previously helped Zeng Junjie in the election, and the media also interviewed Ke. She said, "It's a pity!"

Ke Zhien emphasized that it is obvious that the party headquarters in Gaoshi did not fully grasp this situation. Originally, the KMT had 29 seats and had a good space, but it was discovered that some comrades from the same party took refuge with guns. It is very regrettable that the party center should deal with it appropriately.