The leader of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin, will not be able to pressure the self-proclaimed president of Belarus ,

Alexander Lukashenko

, to allow him to send Belarusian troops to war against Ukraine, because the Belarusian dictator does not need it at all.

This was reported by Russian political analyst Olga Kurnosova in an interview with

"I think it won't work (press - ed.), because Lukashenka doesn't need it at all. Lukashenka needs to get another money from Putin, another tranche of a loan for something. And, in fact, he will promise him anything, and then will, as always, do what he wants. Lukashenka is good at it, and I don't think that this time Putin will be able to sway him to his side," Kurnosova explained.

We will remind, on December 24, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus 

went on a working visit to the Russian Federation


Ivan Stupak, a former employee of the SBU and an expert of the Ukrainian Future Institute  ,


in a commentary on Channel 24 that Lukashenko is going to Putin to "beg" for something from the point of view of the economy, in particular, certain tax maneuvers, customs relief, etc.

Earlier, on December 19, for the first time since 2019, Russian dictator 

Putin visited Minsk


His plane 

was accompanied by fighter jets


For the conspiracy, three more Russian government planes were raised in the air.

Russian Minister of Defense Shoigu and Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov

also came to Minsk 


While exiting the plane, Putin was embarrassed on the gangway - he did not notice the last step and jumped over it.

In turn, the Belarusian dictator presented the president of the Russian Federation with a bouquet of flowers.

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