Danila Goncharov is a lighting artist who was fired from the New Drama Theater due to the strike.

The policemen searched Danila's apartment on March 15, 2021 and detained her for "lone picketing" with a white-red-white flag.

After a 15-day arrest, he was re-arrested in a criminal case.

He was accused of participating in group activities, grossly violating public order, and complicity in such a crime.

Goncharov was sentenced to two years in a general regime colony.

Danila did not admit his guilt in court and gave a strong last word.

The political prisoner served his term in the Shklov colony and was released on December 24 at the end of his term.

As it became known to human rights activists, Yaroslav Pashkov, a political prisoner from Mazyr, was also released in November.

Political prisoner Yaroslav Pashkov was accused of discrediting the Republic of Belarus and insulting Lukashenka.

The political prisoner was sentenced to one year and nine months in a general regime colony.

In addition, according to the court's decision, he must pay a fine of 100 basic amounts (3,200 rubles).

The case was considered by judge Galina Knizhonak-Maksimova.

Pashkov was detained on September 30, 2021 in connection with a criminal case opened for comments on the Internet after the death in the Minsk apartment of IT specialist Andrei Zeltser and KGB employee Dmitriy Fedasyuk.

However, during the investigation, a new charge was added.

In a letter to his release, Yaroslav wrote that his mother died on March 3.