Wang Yumin will take office as the deputy mayor of Taichung City today. Could it be that Lu Xiuyan is going to be the candidate for the next mayor or legislator?

Stir up sensitive nerves in local politics.

(Provided by Taichung City Government)

[Reporter Tang Zaixin/Taichung Report] Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan's new city government team took office today. Former legislator Wang Yumin, who failed to run for Chiayi County mayor, will also take office as Taichung Deputy Mayor. Lu Xiuyan announced that she valued Wang's expertise in social welfare and children's welfare. He is also promoting women in politics, but the Taichung local faction does not say it on the surface, but has been provoked in private. Will Wang Yumin be the next Huang Shanshan who is going to succeed Lu in the election of mayor? Or the next Yang Qiongying who is going to choose Taichung's legislator?

All sparked debate.

Lu Xiuyan challenged the then mayor Lin Jialong in 2018, and the legislator Jiang Qichen originally wanted to be the mayor, but Lu broke out at the last moment and defeated Jiang Qichen with a few polls. Now that Lu Xiuyan has been successfully re-elected, it is tantamount to confirming that if Jiang Qichen still has the dream of mayor, We have to wait another 4 years, for a total of 8 years.

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As for the current political figures in the blue camp in Taichung, besides Jiang Qichen, the legislator Yang Qiongying is the legislator. Yan Kuanheng's family should be aiming at the route of the Democratic Party and has no intention of mayor. All parties believe that Jiang Qichen will be the next mayor representing the Kuomintang, but Lu Xiuyan Arranging a 60-year-old Wang Yumin to serve as the deputy mayor of Taichung, coupled with Wang You's qualifications at Tunghai University in Taichung, can't help arousing the sensitivity of local factions and politicians, discussing in private, "Could it be that Lu Xiuyan is cultivating Huang Shanshan in Taichung City"?

According to private analysis by politicians, Wang Yumin has experience in the central party. In the past, he was counted as a member of the Ma family. Zhu Lilun was recruited to Chiayi to run for the election. It's not impossible to be mayor, but if that's the case, unless Jiang Qichen wants to directly attack the president and vice president, if he still wants to be mayor, he must carefully observe Wang Yumin's movements.

Some people also believe that the KMT currently has only 2 legislators in the 8th district of Taichung. Except for the 2nd constituency, which should be run by Yan Kuanheng in the next election, the other constituencies are pan-green legislators. Wang Yumin is also likely to follow Yang Qiongying's model and serve as deputy The mayor will directly run for the legislator of Taichung City in more than a year. With the administrative resources and the support of Lu Xiuyan, it is not impossible to win a regional legislator for the KMT, but in this case, which district will Wang Yumin go to elect the legislator? Will it get stuck with those blue campers who want to elect legislators?

It is worth watching, and it has become a topic.