The enemy struck 87 blows along the border of

Sumy Oblast


Dmytro Zhivytskyi, the head of Sumy OVA, reports this. 

  • The Russians shelled the Bilopol community with mortars, 6 landings.

  • Seredino-Budsk community: 2 enemy mines exploded on the border.

    The enemy also used small arms.

  • The Russians opened fire from artillery on the Vorozhbyansk community.

    There were 15 arrivals.

Power lines were damaged.

A civil infrastructure object was significantly damaged.

  • Novoslobodsk community: the Russians struck with artillery, 14 landings.

    The object of civil infrastructure suffered significant damage.

"We believe in our defenders! Good night to us, Sumshchyna!" - the message reads. 

Shelling of Sumy region

We will remind that earlier the 

Russians hit two border communities of Sumy Oblast with anti-aircraft missiles


Recorded 23 "arrivals" per day. 


in Sumy Oblast, Russian soldiers fired mortars at the funeral procession


The enemy fired at the yard and the road near the house of the deceased.

People managed to hide in shelters.

In addition, earlier it was said that the

enemy fired 226 shells and mines along the border in Sumy Oblast

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