The man Ajie (pseudonym) agreed to divorce on the day of the second wedding anniversary, and signed an agreement to "waive the right to petition" to make his ex-wife and Xiao Wang happy.

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[Reporter Huang Jialin/Kaohsiung Report] The man Ajie (pseudonym) found out that his wife was suspected of having an affair after only one year of marriage. The clause of "compensation (compensation) for damages suffered during the period" led him to file a lawsuit against his wife and Xiao Wang for infringing on the rights of a spouse for 1 million yuan, but the judge lost the lawsuit.

The judgment pointed out that Ajie and his wife Zhuangnu got married in October 2018. One year after their marriage, Ajie suspected his wife was cheating. Jie also signed the clause that "after the divorce, the two parties shall not ask the other party for compensation (compensation) for the damages suffered during the marriage relationship for any reason".

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After Ajie's divorce, he filed a tort infringement civil lawsuit against his ex-wife Zhuang Nu and Xiao Wang Hu Nan, accusing them of taking intimate photos of their heads cuddling and hugging each other during their marriage, and demanding 500,000 yuan from each of them.

During the trial in the Kaohsiung District Court, both Zhuang and Hu Nan denied dating, and Zhuang even presented a divorce agreement, saying that Ajie had signed a "no request for infringement" clause and could no longer claim any monetary losses from her.

The judge believes that the intimate photos taken by Zhuang and Hu have indeed surpassed the normal social activities such as making ordinary friends. However, Ajie has signed a waiver of the right to claim under the divorce agreement, so he can no longer claim any losses from Zhuang. ; As for Hu Nan's part, the judge believed that there was no evidence to prove that Hu Nan knew Zhuang Nv was married and still dated her, so Ajie lost the case and could appeal.