There is a very good chance that half of January across the country will be unseasonably warm and more typical of early April than January.

This was reported by

, the national forecaster Stanislav Shchedrin.

"Warm air masses from the Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean will move into most of Europe, which may displace cold Antarctic air from much of the European continent.

Thus, relatively warm weather will prevail throughout Ukraine until January 14-17 in all regions.

The temperature regime will mostly fluctuate between 0 +5 at night and up to +7+10 degrees during the day, in the south of Ukraine up to +13+16, but a lot of rain is also expected, sometimes with wet snow at night," the forecaster said.

As for the second half of January, according to Shchedrin, it is the opposite here - winter will finally come into its own, and will bring snowfall and significant cooling, but the forecast may still have to be adjusted, but not significantly.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center said that the


of 2022-2023 will be warmer in Ukraine than last year.

Of course, arctic cold air will also enter, but these periods will be short-lived and with a minimum temperature at night of -15...-20 degrees.

Will it snow in Ukraine on New Year's holidays - read in the news. 

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