Democratic Progressive Party candidate Wu Yinong refused to smear Wang Hongwei more on the stage, and was criticized by the Kuomintang for being timid;

(Photo by reporter Tian Yuhua)

[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] Legislative by-elections for Taipei’s third constituency (North Songshan and Zhongshan) will be voted on January 8 next year. KMT candidate Wang Hongwei has repeatedly asked for a debate, but DPP candidate Wu Yinong avoided giving Wang Hongwei smeared the stage more and refused, and was criticized by the Kuomintang for being cowardly; Wu Yinongjin said that he thought it was quite interesting. In the face of national security, we propose military service reform. How can it be cowardly?

On the other hand, Wang Hongwei's political opinions lack a lot of thinking, they are just slogans, but there are no feasible solutions, and they are relatively empty.

Wu Yinong went to the Wuchang market today to ask for votes, accompanied by Taipei City Councilor Ruan Chaoxiong and associate councilor Zhang Wenjie. During an interview before the meeting, he said that he was criticized by the Kuomintang for being cowardly. Wu Yinong said that he thought it was quite interesting. In the face of national security, we proposed military service Reform advocates, how can this be cowardice?

Facing the long-suspended issue of Songji relocation, even Wang Hongwei, a councilor from Songshan District, did not raise it. Instead, he put forward specific proposals and political opinions. How could he be cowardly?

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Wu Yinong emphasized that whether it is national security, military service reform, the rights and interests of police and firefighters, or the quality of education for the next generation, we have all put forward specific political opinions and propositions one by one. We have not seen any substantive and constructive criticism from our opponents on political issues. This is what makes him feel the most pity. What would such a debate look like?

Just more cussing and more spitting?

Helpful for public affairs discussions?

Wu Yinong pointed out that Wang Hongwei's political opinions lacked a lot of thought, such as the extension of nuclear power, two nuclear power plants and three nuclear power plants. They did not consider the thoughts of the mayor of New Taipei City, and did not answer how to deal with nuclear waste. They just put forward slogans without feasible solutions, which is a pity and empty. To supervise the government's propaganda budget, this is the work content of the legislators themselves, and it is not a political opinion at all. What they see is too much slobber, unnecessary disputes and abuse.

Wu Yinong said that he is timid and thinks it’s good to just smile. He takes seriously the problems that Taiwanese society, Taipei City, Songshan and Zhongshan need to face, and he will be brave enough to take on and seriously propose solutions face-to-face. Some attitude.

Wu Yinong was interviewed before going to the Wuchang market today.

(Photo by reporter Yang Xinhui)