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The pre-trial proceedings against the two policemen related to the accident caused by Dimitar Ljubenov on the Ring Road in September have ended.

A decree was drawn up to bring the two as defendants.

One policeman was charged with three charges and his colleague with two charges under the Criminal Code.  

This was stated at a briefing by the head of the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office (SGP), Iliana Kirilova.

Together with her, Deputy City Prosecutor Hristo Krastev took part in the briefing. 

"The accusations are for taking a bribe, for failing to fulfill official duties and for not providing help in the accident. Only the police officer G.M. is accused of bribery. He took the 200 BGN offered to him by Lyubenov. The investigators also questioned a witness, apart from Lyubenov himself, who claims that the policeman took the money. Together with the policewoman L.G., G.M. is accused of official misconduct - for not stopping Lyubenov and for allowing him and his colleague to continued to drive, having consumed alcohol. The third charge against the two MIA officials is that they did not provide first aid to four people injured in the serious accident," explained Hristo Krastev.

Lyubenov, who hit and killed a Frenchman on the Ring Road, remains in custody

"The charge of bribery against the police officer is the most serious and he can receive between three and 15 years in prison and a fine of up to 20,000 BGN.

The investigation has various expertise in the case, and an attempt will be made with a court order to France to be questioned and the French citizen who was injured in the accident. The two police officers are free on recognizance, disciplinary proceedings are pending against them in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and they have been temporarily removed from their positions," the SGP also announced.  

"Whether Dimitar Ljubenov will be charged for the proposed bribe will be decided by the prosecutors investigating the accident," added Hristo Krastev.




Dimitar Lyubenov