Going further, a highly anticipated political party

to sweep votes from progressive people, new generations, especially the First Vote group

Has collapsed in the next election battle

with a strategy to propel the party

"Transforming the Country"

For almost 4 years, it has been proven that this political party

Starting from the precursor


Forward" to

"Step Away"

, how serious are you in transforming the country?

Many things have to face high resistance.

from the pole of conservatism

until the party was dissolved

Including making bonsai smaller by sucking MPs into various parties

with the upcoming election battle

Let's try to listen to the vision of

"Pita Limcharoenrat"

, the leader of the far-reaching party.

on the digital economy in the forum

"Next Step Thailand 2023, the direction of the future"



“a new trend of the digital economy.

and innovation strategy for sustainability"

that the Thai digital economy is now worth more than 1.2 trillion baht, with a forecast growth of 15% per year, about 20 billion baht of investment from the private sector.

but if compared with ASEAN together

Thailand is ranked 6th in ASEAN.

with the government allocating budget

Regarding the digital economy strategy plan,

it is only 980 million baht or 0.03% of the total budget (3.18 trillion baht).


for smart city development

which is about 7.36 billion baht

, most of them push to fall

Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning

Ministry of Interior

, up to 7.16 billion baht

It does not directly answer the question of building a digital economy strategy.

If stepping into the digital economy

The government must adjust strategies, laws, and lagging digital infrastructure.

both reducing the steps in the bureaucratic system

budget support

Supporting potential private incubators

The important thing is that the state must play the role of the first customers for startups to grow.

incentivize investment

Digital Economy Policy Principles of Progress

Even if the goal is to reach the world level

or the ASEAN region

But it must come from the most important foundation.

that is local level

ready for example

“Art Samart Model”

produces drinking water at the Art Samart Subdistrict Municipality, Roi Et Province until it succeeds.

And is going to install

IoT (internet of things) technology

that will make water production process to the water bill of the people.

All digital access

This is an example of making people's problems.

Become an opportunity to develop the digital economy.

to meet both economic development

and the quality of life of the people together

Going further, setting goals to extend from May able to Isaan, to other regions, to the whole country, to the ASEAN level.

go far to the world

But start practice from the local level.

Unfortunately, the draft amendment to the constitution

about decentralization

The ruling coalition party and the senator were dragged together and beaten down.

If there is a law that facilitates development

and have an adequate budget

Might change the face of Thailand, who knows.

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