Yunlin Councilwoman Yan Jiawei (middle) donated election subsidies to schools in two remote villages as a starting point to eliminate the political opinion of "menstrual poverty" in remote villages.

(Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)

[Reporter Zhan Shihong/Yunlin Report] Xinke Democratic Progressive Party Member Yan Jiawei from Yunlin County has not yet taken office. First, he fulfilled his political views and donated the 226,320 yuan election subsidy of 240,000 yuan to Quanzhou, Taixi Township She also emphasized that after entering the parliament in the future, she will continue to fight for funds, so that girls in rural junior high schools will receive 200 yuan of sanitary products subsidy every month, as a practical way to eliminate the political opinion of "menstrual poverty" in rural areas starting point.

Yan Jiawei ran for the election of Yunlin County Councilor. This year, he won 7,544 votes and received 226,320 yuan in election subsidies. Today, he specially donated the subsidy to Quanzhou Elementary School and Shangde Elementary School where his husband attended. Each school received 120,000 yuan. .

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Yan Jiawei pointed out that Taiwan's per capita GDP has reached 36,000 US dollars, but "menstrual poverty" still exists. Many young girls in rural areas cannot afford the sanitary products they need due to economic factors. Some people prolong the replacement of sanitary napkins in order to save money. time, lead to infection, or because communication with family members is hindered, lack of understanding of physical hygiene, unable to purchase sanitary products.

She said that as a daughter-in-law of Taixi, she found that the phenomenon of "menstrual poverty" in coastal villages is relatively serious, so after she became a member of Yunlin County, she will actively strive to subsidize sanitary products for junior high school girls, 200 yuan per person per month, so that many people in the coastal areas Adolescent girls have access to a social support system that allows them to go through their monthly periods in a healthy and safe manner.

Yan Jiawei commented that the current girls develop early, and menarche comes in the fifth and sixth grades of elementary schools, and even early in the fourth and third grades. After taking office, in addition to striving for the subsidy of hygiene products for junior high school girls, he also hopes to use the ballot subsidy to expand care More vulnerable children, let adolescent girls get the most basic and safe care during their menstrual period.

Yunlin Councilwoman Yan Jiawei donated election subsidies to schools in two townships.

(Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)

Quanzhou Elementary School prepared a cake for each child to celebrate Christmas in advance.

(Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)