The teachers of the Kaohsiung Morning Healing Base turned into Santa Claus to deliver gift boxes of friendship.

(Provided by the Friendship Foundation)

[Reporter Lin Xiaoyun/Taipei Report] Christmas is approaching, and SYQG will bring good news to Kaohsiung Slow Flying Angels.

The Sin Yi Foundation is worried about the lack of stimulation for children, which may affect their proper development. This year, they selected 100 kinds of books and toys and donated them to 18 early childhood education bases in Kaohsiung to enrich children's multiple sensory stimulation, drive learning motivation, and promote multiple development. On the eve of Christmas, Sin Yi designed and produced "Goodstart~Christmas Gift Box" for 645 children in these bases, wishing every child a happy Christmas.

Zhang Xingru, chairman of the Sinyi Foundation, said that the festival not only allows children to experience the differences of multiculturalism, but also enhances children's sense of belonging and security through festival ceremonies and warm interactions. After treating the teaching resources such as books and play equipment in the stronghold, choose exclusive gifts for these children aged 0 to 3 and 4 to 7 years old on Christmas Eve, choose books and games with high interaction and festive atmosphere, and give them to everyone child.

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Zhang Xingru said that reading and playing together are the results of daily work and accumulation. It is suggested that books and teaching aids should be used to interact with children during the festival. Not only can you observe the progress of children's development, but also through intimate reading and playing together, you can also Let the children feel the warmth of the festival.

Chen Xiuwen, director of the Children's Welfare Center of the Kaohsiung City Social Bureau, said that the care and assistance of the Sinyi Foundation for children with developmental delays and disabilities in Kaohsiung City, and the donated reading and learning resources are really of great help to the slow-flying children. Donated a variety of books and teaching aids to each base, so that children in early treatment can enjoy rich and diverse picture book reading, which has become a bridge between parents and children, teachers and students, and parents in early treatment bases, whether it is teaching or daily life, or even Emotional interaction and cultural stimulation have provided a great communication experience. Afterwards, an online learning resource exchange meeting was held to allow teachers to fully understand the characteristics of these resources and integrate them into the curriculum to maximize learning benefits.

Chen Xiuwen said that after receiving the Christmas gift box, the teacher used the picture cards and picture books to design teaching interactive themes to improve children's comprehensive abilities in visual search, oral expression, and organization and classification. Parents were also invited to observe and interact with the class during the process.

Some parents reported that the last time they took their children to the dentist, the children thought of the picture book "The crocodile is afraid of the dentist" and said to their mother, "I won't be as afraid as a crocodile, I will sit on it and show the doctor my teeth! ", I am willing to apply fluoride to the dentist after class!

Chen Xiuwen reminded that 0 to 6 years old is the critical golden period for children's development. Parents can observe and find out early, and use professional early treatment teams to provide relevant services as soon as possible to reduce the burden on the family.