At the end of November this year, the number of payment cards in circulation in the banking system increased by 152,000 compared to last month and amounted to 13,132,000.

"APA-Economics" reports with reference to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan that this indicator is 20.9% higher than the corresponding period of last year.

According to information, the increase in payment cards was 20.1% for debit cards and 26.6% for credit cards.

Considering the corresponding period of last year, the number of salary cards is 186 thousand, credit cards are 364 thousand, and other cards are 1.7 million.

number has increased.

It was noted that the increase of payment cards had a positive effect on the volume of non-cash payments.

Thus, the volume of non-cash transactions within the country increased by 1.9 times compared to the corresponding period of last year.

During November 2022, the amount of non-cash payments made through cards is 2524 mln.

formed manat.

1908 mln of non-cash payments.

AZN is the share of electronic trade.

613 million of the remaining amount.

AZN POS-terminals, 2.4 mln.

AZN was realized through self-service terminals.

During November, the volume of non-cash domestic transactions with payment cards made up 47.4% of domestic card transactions.