One of the military units was on fire


Moscow .

The fire occurred on the night of December 23 in the territory of the garage boxes.

Emergency services are working at the scene, Telegram channel reports.

The fire spread through one-story boxes on the territory of the unit.

The area of ​​the fire was about 200 square meters.

Rescuers confirmed the fact of the fire.

It was clarified that the application was received at the operator's desk at 23:45 local time.

Data on the victims have not yet been reported.

Fires and explosions in the Russian Federation

On December 10, an ancient manor caught fire

in the center of Moscow  .

On December 9, 

an explosion occurred

 in a two-story residential building in Ryazan.

As a result of the explosion, the ceilings between the first and second floors collapsed, and two apartments were significantly damaged.

On the night of December 9, a large fire broke out in the large shopping complex 

"Mega Khimki",

 located on the Leningrad highway near the border of Moscow and the Moscow region.

In Perm, Russia, on November 30,

 CHP-9 burned down, 

which provides energy for oil refining and is one of the main sources of heat for the left-bank part of the city

In recent days, there have also been 

explosions at airfields in Russia. 

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