The Russian leader said it was a "fairly old system" that he said did not work as well as Russia's S-300.

"Let them build, we will ship them," Putin commented on the news about the deployment of "Patriot" in Ukraine.

Patriot complexes, however, are considered one of the most effective types of anti-aircraft weapons.

It became known about the delivery of this system on December 21 during the visit of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to the USA.

Putin also said that Russia seeks to "end the war" in Ukraine and does not give up negotiations with Kiev.

According to him, this Ukrainian leadership "forbade itself to hold negotiations".

"Nevertheless, sooner or later, of course, any parties in a state of conflict sit down and come to an agreement.

The sooner this realization comes to those who oppose us, the better.

We have never refused it," Putin said.

At the same time, since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin has never expressed its intention to withdraw its troops from the occupied Ukrainian territories, which were annexed by Russia in the autumn as a result of pseudo-referendums organized by Moscow.

Kyiv insists on the liberation of all occupied regions of Ukraine as a mandatory condition of the peace agreement.

The authorities of Ukraine have repeatedly asked their Western partners for the supply of air defense systems.

They became especially important against the background of regular Russian shelling of Ukraine's critical and energy infrastructure.

Patriot air defense systems can shoot down short-range cruise and ballistic missiles.

The Ukrainian military will spend several months learning how to work with this system.