The only thing that can stop the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, from his intention to take over Ukraine, is a weapon.

This is exactly what emphasized on the member of the European Parliament from Lithuania, the deputy head of the Committee on Security and Defense, and the former Minister of Defense of Lithuania Rasa Yukniavicene.

"At the moment, I think the only thing that can stop him (Putin - ed.) is just weapons. I don't see another way. Only these weapons, only deterring Russia so that they know that launching missiles from some aircraft from the territory Russia, Crimea or even Belarus will have consequences. I don't see another way out. Maybe the military has other plans. But the bandit must be stopped with a knife in his hands where he commits these actions," she said.

She added that everything is currently being decided on the front, which passes not only near Bakhmut, or somewhere on the eastern line, but also in the air with those ships and planes, from those missile bases, from where Ukraine is being destroyed.

It will be recalled that Russia and China are planning joint naval exercises.

The start date has already been announced.

It should be added that the US has announced a new aid package, which, in particular, will include one battery of Patriot air defense systems. 

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