Today's winter solstice, numerology experts: No matter how busy you are, you should eat glutinous rice balls for better luck.

(Photo by reporter Su Mengjuan)

[Reporter Su Mengjuan/Taichung Report] Today is the winter solstice. Yang Dengyu, the founding director of Taichung Famous Numerology Education Association, said that today is the longest day of darkness in the whole year, and it is also a very good day for transit. , Red glutinous rice balls represent gold, which can attract peach blossoms and popularity; white glutinous rice balls represent silver, which can attract wealth and promote careers. At least one red glutinous rice ball and one white glutinous rice ball in the winter solstice symbolize reunion and consummation, and the new year can be more complete and wishful.

Yang Denghui said that in addition to glutinous rice balls, there are other secrets for good luck on the winter solstice, including eating wontons to increase wisdom. Wontons represent the luck of heaven and earth. When Yin and Yang are in chaos and confusion, all kinds of bad luck can be smoothly exchanged to welcome all kinds of new energy.

In addition, if parents are worried that their children do not like to study or do not do well in their studies, they can let their children eat a bowl of wontons on the day of the winter solstice, which represents the "opening of chaos" and increases wisdom.

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In addition, eat dumplings to prosper wealth. The dumplings are shaped like ingots. Eating dumplings implies a wealth of wealth. Eating pork knuckle noodles prolongs life and removes bad luck. Feeding noodles to parents is not only filial piety, but also prolongs life and eliminates bad luck for parents.

Many people also take supplements during the winter solstice. Yang Dengyu said that supplements during the winter solstice can also bring good luck. Tonic with high-calorie food is in line with the way of health preservation. It can replenish energy, replenish energy, have sufficient energy, refresh your mind, and bring good luck.

In addition, "the winter solstice is as big as the year", you can buy new shoes and new clothes today, which symbolizes harmony and smoothness; you can also worship your ancestors for prosperity. He said that as early as the Zhou Dynasty, the emperor chose to hold suburban sacrifices on the winter solstice because The day is yang and the night is yin. After the winter solstice, the days are getting longer and the yang energy is flourishing. Therefore, it is the best time to worship the sky. Place glutinous rice balls on the god table to worship the ancestors and pray for the prosperity of future generations.

Yang Dengyu also pointed out that in addition to eating glutinous rice balls for luck, the winter solstice is also an excellent opportunity to seek marriage. He said that unmarried men and women can also pray to the moon to seek marriage today, because eating glutinous rice balls during the winter solstice also means reunion, and "round" also means " "Fate", unmarried men and women can use the winter solstice to pray for fate at the Yuelao Temple. They can prepare glutinous rice balls to pray for the fate to come and be fulfilled; candy, sweet Yuelao's mouth; flowers, and the object can bloom and bear fruit as soon as possible; five-color fruits, round Youjia, everything is perfect and auspicious; red dates, pray for the marriage to be completed soon; longan, complete and smooth.