The People's Party's own family published an article revealing that Gao Hong'an was deeply involved in the judicial storm for a reason.

The picture shows party chairman Ke Wenzhe announcing the nomination of legislator Gao Hongan (left) to run for Hsinchu mayor.

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[Reporter Huang Jingyu/Taipei Report] The People's Party has been in constant turmoil recently. The office director of the party's legislator Lai Xiangling and the chairman of the Central Review Committee Lin Shuhui said today that he has left Lai's office. Feeling unfair and unable to tell the truth, as early as the end of the first year of the legislator's term of office, almost all the assistants of the legislator's office resigned. It has its own origin."

Lin Shuhui criticized that the People's Party machine was too involved in the operation of the Legislative Yuan party group, but did not participate in the political discussion and planning of the 7:30 morning meeting. , Continuously release news and fight fiercely through the media, creating conflicts within the party.

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As for the dispute over the nomination of the People's Party's Miaoli County Councilor candidate in April this year, the party chairman Ke Wenzhe scolded "whose dog, go back and take care of it yourself." It is related, but no matter from the perspective of leaking motives, whether he was present, whether he made a profit, etc., it is impossible for him to leak the secrets. However, the relationship between Ke Wenzhe, Lai Xiangling, and him is difficult to understand under the manipulation of people with intentions in the party. heart knot.

Lin Shuhui said that after the nomination dispute broke out, Ke Wenzhe asked the Central Evaluation Committee to hand over all cases to Secretary-General Xie Ligong for handling. In the case of unsound separation of powers within the party and unequal power relations, the Central Evaluation Committee could only agree. After he and some of the judges asked for leave due to election affairs, Ke Wenzhe even sent people to lead the deliberations so that appeals from within the party would no longer be considered by the committee.

Lin Shuhui pointed out that Yang Qiaoan and Lin Zhihao, the parties involved in the dispute over the nomination of the party headquarters in Miaoli County, both participated in the election. , the principals of the Miaoli County Party Headquarters and the Central Party Headquarters cannot absolve themselves of the blame.

Lin Shuhui said bluntly that apart from Miaoli, many regions have similar situations, fighting among themselves for a small piece of the pie, and it is only natural that the 2022 members of the People's Party lost the election.