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The deputies decided to postpone until tomorrow the debates on the remaining texts of the Transitional and final provisions of the extended law on the budget for this year.

The proposal was made by People's Representative Delyan Dobrev (GERB-SDS).

It was adopted with 139 votes for and 68 against, BTA reported.

The opposite proposal was made by Tsoncho Ganev from "Vazrazhdane".

Plenary rejected motions for admissibility pending consideration of the Left's Minimum Wage and Moving Forward proposals. 

Asen Vassilev jumped on GERB and the official office: You are returning the lean pizza through the back door!

After canceling Christmas for Bulgarian children with the first vote on paragraph 12, let's at least allow and accept the minimum wage, insisted Asen Vassilev from "We Continue the Change".

He appeals to the people's representatives to ensure from the beginning of next year that those working on the minimum wage have some more adequate payment.

Kiril Petkov pointed out that they are leaving the minimum wage at BGN 710 and defined what was happening as an outrage.

I am really ashamed to be part of this National Assembly, he declared. 

Discussions on the extended budget law proposed by the Council of Ministers began at 12:30 today and lasted nearly seven hours.

The deputies will continue with the discussion of the remaining texts tomorrow.

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