On December 21, 2022, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) adopted a decision on temporary measures in the case "Armenia v. Azerbaijan" (No. 4) regarding the Lachin road.

APA reports that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released information about this.

The ECtHR's decision confirms the guarantees provided by Azerbaijan in accordance with the Tripartite Declaration, especially regarding the "safety of persons, vehicles and goods moving in both directions through the Lachin Corridor".

The decision of the ECtHR also notes that "the extent to which the Azerbaijani government controls the situation in the Lachin Corridor is controversial and unclear" due to the fulfillment of obligations by the Russian peacekeeping contingent to regulate traffic along the road, including the provision of conditions for the passage of humanitarian and medical aid.

Various mass media have repeatedly published video evidence that the International Committee of the Red Cross and Armenian ambulances passed freely and safely along the road to Lachin.

Thus, as indicated in the decision on temporary measures, the safe passage of seriously ill patients in need of medical treatment in Armenia was ensured.

In addition to the freedom of movement in Azerbaijan, the government of Azerbaijan guarantees the rights of peaceful protesters who gathered on the Lachin road to protest the illegal exploitation of Azerbaijan's natural resources by Armenia, as well as their transportation through the Lachin road.

Azerbaijan also expressed serious concern about the use of the Lachin road by Armenia to transport to Azerbaijan the mines produced in Armenia in 2021, which were deliberately placed in the homes of civilians in Lachin to prevent the return of internally displaced families and communities to their homes.

Deliberately buried mines by Armenians cause an increase in the number of mine victims in Azerbaijan.

As a result, since the end of the Patriotic War, 276 of our citizens have been victims of mines, and 46 people, including 3 journalists, have died.

35 of the 46 killed were civilians.

Evidence of gross human rights and international law violations has been submitted to various international institutions, including the International Court of Justice, the Council of Europe and the UN Secretary General.

Azerbaijan will continue to comply with international legal obligations.

Azerbaijan calls on Armenia to stop its provocations against Azerbaijan and its people.