The World Bank has approved a loan of Sh 1.8 trillion (775 million dollars) for improving the economy and health services.

The International Development Agency (IDA) under the World Bank has approved a loan of Sh 1.1 trillion (500 million dollars) for improving economic development and a loan of Sh 581 billion (250 million dollars) and aid of Sh 58.1 billion ( 25 million dollars) for the Maternal and Child Health program.

The bank's statement released yesterday has explained that the loan will help Tanzania due to the instability of the tourism sector and the increase in imported products such as petrol and other products caused by the Covid-19 epidemic and the war between Ukraine and Russia.

The Director of the World Bank for Tanzania, Nadhan Belete said: "The World Bank supports policies that raise the private sector to help the country improve its economy."

The second part of the US$275 million loan will help the country improve maternal and child health services.

It was explained that it involves 250 million US dollars for the Program for Measuring Results (PforR) for Mainland Tanzania and 25 million US dollars for the Economic Investment Project (IPF) for Zanzibar.

The project has been supported by 25 million dollars from the World Fund to support women, children and youth.

The beneficiaries of these programs are women of childbearing potential, young people and children under five years of age, including children who are 40 percent of the population.

They will be assisted with health and nutritional services.

"For two decades, Tanzania has succeeded in reducing diseases and improving health services due to improving the control of infectious diseases and the provision of vaccines for various diseases," said the Resident Director of Planning and Operations, Amit Dar and added:

"With these funds, we hope to make good progress in the areas of reducing maternal mortality, reducing infant and malnourished deaths."