Wu Yinong accepted a joint interview with the media before going to the Zhongshan Market in the morning to ask for tickets.

(Photographed by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] Vice President Lai Ching-te pointed out yesterday that the DPP failed in the 9-in-1 election for three reasons, including plagiarism, black money within the party, and failure to reach the grassroots.

In this regard, Wu Yinong, a candidate for the by-election of the Legislative Council of the DPP's third constituency in Taipei City, echoed Lai's words in an interview this morning. Faced with social doubts, we must face them sincerely, and we must not read them without reading them.

Wu Yinong accepted a joint interview with the media before going to the Zhongshan Market in the morning to ask for tickets.

Regarding Lai Qingde's point of black money within the party, Wu Yinong said that facing the setback of the November 26 election, the DPP has many aspects that need to be reviewed. Lai Qingde, who is running for the chairman of the DPP, also expressed his views, so he called for facing social expectations 1. The society's doubts must be faced with sincerity, and it cannot be read without reading. This is the most important first step for the DPP to regain the trust of the society.

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Wu Yinong said that when he was the chairman of the DPP's Beishi Party Committee, he also spent a lot of time and energy re-examining every application for party membership and implementing the party membership standards when he saw that the public had doubts about the issue of head party members. When applying for party members, he made phone calls one by one to ensure that those who join the DPP are partners who sincerely look forward to agreeing with the DPP.

Wu Yinong said that he has the confidence to report to everyone that the 25,000 DPP members in Beishi agree with the DPP and love the DPP. They do not want to see the DPP suffer any harm. The personal case smears and slanders the hard work and persistence of all party members over the years. Thank you for your concern. The DPP will continue to review its efforts.

Zhao Jieyou, son of Zhao Yingguang, the former judge convener of the DPP’s Taipei City Party Committee, issued a statement yesterday against He Zhiwei, a DPP legislator. He Zhiwei temporarily canceled the living room meeting with Wu Yinong this afternoon. Personal cases and personal behaviors now have to pay the fullest responsibility and price to the public. The Taipei City Party Committee has already expelled Zhao from the Party in accordance with the procedures after the news of Zhao’s case was exposed. “The next thing is his personal problems."

The media asked if the cancellation of the living room meeting was due to fear of being affected by gangster connections?

Wu Yinong said that everyone thought too much. The main reason for the contact with He Zhiwei was that it was originally an undisclosed living room meeting. After discussions between the two parties, the current consensus is that the event will be canceled temporarily, which is the best arrangement.