The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, delivered a speech at the US Capitol

on the importance of supporting Ukraine, sanctions against Russia, and the victorious march of the Ukrainian army. 

The American congressmen met the leader of the Ukrainian nation with great honor and respect.

During the speech of the head of Ukraine, they rose to their feet from time to time and clapped their hands loudly for a long time, expressing support for the words of the Ukrainian president. 

The head of the Ukrainian state handed over from the defenders of Bakhmut, who are currently defending this outpost in Donbas, a battle flag

signed by Ukrainian fighters to the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and the US Vice President Kamala Harris.

In return, he received an American flag, which was folded into a triangle in a special box.

It is interesting that this flag was flown at the Capitol during the visit of the head of the Ukrainian state. 

Let's add that the ovation for the speech of the Ukrainian president was simply crazy.

The congressmen did not disagree for a long time and sought to personally shake hands with the Ukrainian president.

Pelosi could not even close the meeting and was banging with a hammer to calm down the parliaments a little. 

The meeting ended with shouts of "Glory to Ukraine!"

and "God save America!". 

Zelensky's visit to the USA

We have collected for you

the main and key phrases from Zelensky's speech in Congress


The entire speech, which lasted about 30 minutes, was voiced by the Ukrainian president in English. 

Earlier, published the main

statements of Biden and Zelensky at the press conference they jointly held for journalists after their meeting in the Oval Office


We would like to remind you that the USA will support the brave people of Ukraine as long as necessary. 

Let's add that Zelensky is convinced that the

Ukrainian people are in control of the situation, and the USA will help in this

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