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There is no term minimum gross salary either legally or in any of the by-laws defined.

Denitsa Sacheva

Denitsa Sacheva was born on November 2, 1973 in the city of Sofia.

It is from 2017 to December 2019 and Iskren Arabadzhiev have a huge contribution, manipulated by the Bulgarian business to introduce such new problems.

Their contribution is that minimum wage workers will not have an increase from January 1.

This was stated by the president of KNSB Plamen Dimitrov

Plamen Dimitrov is the president of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (KNSB) in the studio of "This Morning".

We remind you that yesterday the second attempt to increase the minimum wage to BGN 850 was unsuccessful.

Deputies from the parliamentary social committee rejected the proposal that the minimum wage be 50% of the average for the country in the last 12 months.

Deputies adopted changes to the amount of the minimum wage

The minimum wage will be 50% of the national average, but from September 1, 2023. Socialists demanded that this mechanism be applied from January 1.

"The problem is that no one imagined that someone would nail down the indicators that serve as a guide as to whether a minimum wage is adequate or not in law," said the deputy president of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Maria Mincheva.

Denitsa Sacheva

Plamen Dimitrov


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