Russian President Vladimir Putin's statements about the nuclear triad are standard "swinging the nuclear club", because nuclear weapons remain the dictator's last and only trump card.

This opinion was expressed by the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, to Radio NV.

"These words of his about the continued development of the nuclear triad, because it is the main guarantee of preserving our sovereignty and territorial integrity, are 

a mantra about nuclear blackmail

," the former minister said.

He is convinced that Putin is definitely influenced by the statements of India and China about the inadmissibility of using nuclear weapons. 

"After all, these two countries are the main buyers of Russian oil today. And without the sale of oil, the Russian Federation will have neither a budget, nor macroeconomic stability, nor the financing of anything, nor the development of, as Putin says, the nuclear triad," the diplomat explained.

"I don't see anything new in these theses about the nuclear triad.

This is standard swinging of a nuclear club,

the logic of "let's show the whole world Kuzkin's mother" in the Khrushchev sense, that we have a nuclear triad, and as long as we have it, no one will get us ", Klimkin explained.

He also commented on Putin's statement that NATO is fighting against Russia.

According to the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this is a standard argument that the Russian dictator will repeat in the future. 

The diplomat noted that 

nuclear weapons remain the last and only trump card

of the  Kremlin leader.

"And what does he think protects his regime now? Energy blackmail no longer protects. Food blackmail - yes, it still works, but less and less. And

after all the defeats of the Russian army in Ukraine, the real price of the Russian army also became clear

. So it turns out that nuclear weapons remain Putin's last and only trump card. He doesn't have any others. And if you have a club, sooner or later the whole reality around you will collapse, and Russia will finally become a colossus on clay feet," Klimkin predicts.

We will remind, at the meeting of the board of the Ministry of Defense of Russia on December 21, Putin stated that the state will improve the combat capability of the "nuclear triad", as this will supposedly guarantee "the preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country". 

Note that Russian political analyst Valery Solovei believes that Putin is morally and psychologically ready to use nuclear weapons, but is no longer sure that such an order will be carried out.

If the president of the Russian Federation makes such a decision, his power will end.

According to the ex-deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Ilya Ponomarev, Russia may use nuclear weapons after Moscow loses Crimea.

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