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Map provided by the Ministry of Energy of Cyprus showing all licenses issued as of 18 September 2019.

A new natural gas field has been discovered 162 kilometers off the coast of Cyprus, the Cyprus Ministry of Energy announced today.

It strengthens the prospects of the Eastern Mediterranean as an alternative source of natural gas supplies for Europe when it abandons Russian fuel.

Between 2 and 3 trillion cubic feet, or about 60-80 billion cubic meters, is the amount of natural gas, according to preliminary estimates, in the newly discovered field in block 6 of Cyprus' exclusive economic zone, the energy ministry announced.

The successfully completed exploratory well in the "Zeus-1" section was carried out by the joint venture of the Italian-French consortium "Eni-Total".

The new deposit is the consortium's third discovery in Block 6, following Calypso-1 in 2018 and Kronos-1 in August this year.

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The Ministry of Energy and the Eni-Total consortium are considering ways to accelerate and optimally use the deposits in Block 6, the official announcement said.

Turkey claims that part of this block, located southwest of the island, falls within its territorial shelf.

The confirmation of additional quantities of natural gas near Cyprus reinforces the promising prospects and the strategic importance of the Eastern Mediterranean for natural gas supplies to Europe, are the first comments of energy experts, BNR notes.

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