Lin Heming, acting secretary-general of the Democratic Progressive Party, criticized the Kuomintang for trying to influence the judiciary through political manipulation, and to win the election by "getting cheap and being good."

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[Reporter Chen Yun/Taipei Report] KMT Chairman Zhu Lilun today accused the DPP of abusing justice before the election and went all out to kill Lin Zimiao, the mayor of Yilan County. Invalid lawsuit”; according to reports, the Central Executive Committee of the DPP has set its basic attitude in the afternoon as “respect the judiciary, and don’t let it go wrong.” Acting Secretary-General Lin Heming also criticized the KMT for wanting to influence the judiciary through political manipulation. Be nice."

According to reports, in response to the upcoming appointment of the new county mayor on December 25, as well as discussions on the investigation of judicial cases after the election, the Democratic Progressive Party discussed and set the basic attitude in the Central Executive Committee as "respect for the judiciary, and don't let it go wrong." Lin Heming also Criticism, on the other hand, the Kuomintang deliberately conducts political manipulation to influence the direction of the judiciary.