The derogation for Russian oil is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements of the "Petkov" cabinet.

This is what the MP from "We continue the change" said in the program "More from the day" on BNT

Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev presented their political project "We continue the change"" Venko Sabrutev.

Today we were considering a bill that prohibits Lukoil from exporting fuels.

We plan to introduce amendments to this proposal so as to supplement the proposal of the European Commission to export fuels to Ukraine and third countries, said Sabrutev.

PP was the first political force that introduced a real decision to reduce fuel prices.

Our draft resolution requires Lukoil to finally return its economic activity to Bulgaria so that we can tax their excess profits.

Currently, Lukoil works with a Swiss company and pays its taxes in Switzerland.

It is key that the operations they carry out are managed by a Bulgarian legal company.

The fuel export ban will push prices down.

The trend in world markets is down and adding that cheap fuels will not be exported, we expect this to have a positive impact, he pointed out.

We listened to all kinds of nonsense - Mr. Borisov promised that if they won, fuel prices would decrease by 1 BGN, which did not happen.

The truth is that only PP offered a solution to the problem of fuel prices.

The next steps are for the state to step into its regulatory role and ban exports from Lukoil, except for Ukraine.

And if we add the taxes that "Lukoil" has to pay in Bulgaria, this money should be returned to the consumers as compensations for the purchase of fuels, noted the PP deputy.

PP with proposals so that Bulgaria exports fuels from Russian crude oil, only according to the directive of the EC

On the occasion of the attempts to form a government with the second term, he said that they are looking for a national agreement on the topics of the society from the PP.

We are looking for them in the form of dialogue in the National Assembly.

Today we sent invitations to all parties represented in the parliament to present their priorities and to see where our views coincide on the four national priorities proposed by us, said Venko Sabrutev.

He also commented on the upcoming vote on President Rumen Radev's veto on changes to the Electoral Code, returning the paper ballot.

From Sabrutev's words, it became clear that the PP is ready to make concessions for the paper ballot, if the transparency of the elections is guaranteed and the machine voting is not made meaningless by manual counting from the receipts from the machines.

According to him, this is not a step back on the part of the PP, but a step forward.

We will save what we can from the Electoral Code.

We want to preserve the fair and transparent way of holding elections, Sabrutev also said.

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