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Unrestricted traffic has been launched in the two tubes of the "Vitinya" tunnel on the "Hemus" AM.

In July, passage through the pipe to Sofia was restricted for the completion of the three transverse connections between the two pipes of the facility in order to meet all European road safety requirements, the API press center reported.

Traffic has also been restored on the viaducts in the road to Sofia at km 35+760 and in the road to Varna at km 33+910 and km 34+220.

In order to carry out the repair works, the passage of heavy-duty trucks over 12 tons was redirected to the I-1 Sofia - Botevgrad road.

With the release of traffic on the facilities of AM Hemus, the two-way movement of vehicles over 12 tons on the highway is restored and the journey of all drivers is facilitated days before the Christmas holidays. 

Shishkov: The traffic through "Vitinya" will be fully released before Christmas

The transverse galleries between the two tubes of the "Vitinya" tunnel in the tube to Sofia were worked on in 2020, and in July of this year the finishing works were resumed in the tube to Varna.

Two of the galleries are pedestrian and one is road.

In the event of an accident in one of the pipes, they will be used for the evacuation of people and cars, as well as for the access of ambulances, fire brigades and other specialized vehicles.

With the implementation of these activities, the "Vitinja" tunnel complies with Directive 2004/54/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 29, 2004 regarding the minimum safety requirements for the tunnels of the Trans-European road network.

In accordance with the European directive, in a facility longer than 1 km there must be three cross galleries to connect the two pipes.

Fire doors, electrical installations, ventilation boxes are installed in the facility,

"Vitinya" is the longest car tunnel in Bulgaria - 1195 meters.

Its construction began in 1974. It has been in operation since 1984. The viaducts at the 33rd, 34th and 35th km were built in the 1980s and have not been repaired until now.

The technical condition of the facilities at the 33rd and 34th km in the direction of Varna required urgent restoration of their operational condition in order to ensure safe passage.

Reinforcement of the road slab, repair of main reinforced concrete beams, replacement of bearings and expansion joints were carried out on both facilities.

New pavement blocks were built, new waterproofing and asphalt concrete pavement, collector system, etc. were laid.

On the viaduct at the 34th km, the bearing capacity of a tie rod at one of the pillars of the facility has been restored.

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