The three Xinke county and city councilors elected by the Power of the Times this year's local elections appeared on the same stage today (20th), and were presented with robes by the party chairman Chen Jiaohua.

From left are Chiayi City Councilor-elect Wang Hao, Taichung City Councilor-elect Wu Peiyun, Chen Jiaohua, and Miaoli County Councilor-elect Ye Zhonglun.

(Photo by reporter Yang Chengyu)

[Reporter Yang Chengyu/Taipei Report] The power of the times has elected 6 county and city councilors in this year's local elections, 3 seats have been re-elected and 3 new councilors respectively. The Central Party Headquarters appeared on the same stage, hoping to inject the power of fairness, justice and rational supervision into local politics.

Was asked whether Councilor Shi Li would feel like a lone bird if he was "alone" in the county and city council?

Taichung City Councilor-elect Wu Peiyun responded that the rebirth after the ashes is definitely not a lone bird, but a phoenix.

There is no blue-green in her heart, exposing the ills derived from the traditional interest structure is exactly the reason why voters hope to change.

Power of the Times nominated 46 candidates for county and city councilors in this year's local public office elections, and won 6 seats. The number of votes nationwide was 177,666, with a vote rate of 1.56%. Including Miaoli County Councilor (Zhunan Township, Zaoqiao Township, Houlong Township) Ye Zhonglun, Taichung City Councilor (Nantun District) Wu Peiyun, and Chiayi City Councilor (West District) Wang Hao.

In addition, Chen Yunzhi, the representative of Xiushui Township, Changhua County, and Chen Zhiqiang, the head of Longshan District, Ruifang District, New Taipei City.

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Party chairman Chen Jiaohua said that this election campaign is quite difficult, and the candidates are also working hard.

Although the election result is not as expected, Shili still firmly believes in the core propositions of fairness and justice, housing and labor justice, anti-black money and anti-bribery. It is hoped that after the elected person enters the parliament, he can continue to carry forward the spirit of Shili, deeply cultivate the local area, and let Shili continue to be popular. see.

Chen Jiaohua also mentioned that Changhua County Councilor (Changhua City) Wu Weida, who lost his re-election, and Hualien County Councilors (Ji'an Township, Shoufeng Township, Fenglin Township, Guangfu Township, Fengbin Township, Wanrong Township) who had just made their debut as candidates Chen Qingyuan, who lost the election in the constituency, and the candidate in the same constituency, who is suspected of being involved in bribery, will try his best to make up for it.

Wu Peiyun, who ran for the first time in 2018 and lost by 9 votes, was successfully elected this time with a comeback.

Wu said that she was elected with 14,054 votes in this year's election. Many people asked her if Shili only had "one seat" in the Taichung City Council, could she be a lone bird?

She responded with "the one reborn after the ashes is definitely a phoenix".

In the past, Shili did not distinguish between blue and green in terms of exposing abuses, fairness and justice, and other issues of politics; exposing the ills derived from the traditional interest structure is exactly the reason why voters want to change.

Wu Peiyun emphasized that being elected as a member is the beginning of responsibility. In the future, she will continue to work hard in the spirit of disregarding color, only asking right and wrong, and even more asking about fairness and justice.

She also hopes to blaze a trail that can truly represent the voices of the citizens of Taichung, and continue to move forward with these forces, so that the citizens can truly see the changes in the new politics.

Ye Zhonglun said that despite the unfavorable environment, he still won a seat in Miaoli County, which means that there are a group of people everywhere who are looking forward to change and clean politics.

At the beginning, he also participated in the election because a group of people had the same expectations and hopes.

Although he is a new councilor, he is ready to question, serve, and fulfill his duties as a councilor. He will try his best to impress the Miaoli folks, and he also looks forward to becoming a progressive force in Miaoli.

Wang Hao said that as the first city councilor elected by a small party to participate in politics in the West District of Chiayi City, he has a very heavy responsibility.

Many Chiayi citizens are concerned about issues such as housing, labor rights, and transportation. In the future, the city council will gradually promote changes.

Shili, as a third-force political party that rationally supervises and supports fairness and justice besides blue and green, will do a good job in supervising municipal administration and controlling the budget, regardless of the mayor's party membership.

In the next four years, he will uphold the spirit of rational supervision and defend the rights and interests of Chiayi citizens.