Wang Hongwei, a by-election candidate for the Taipei City Legislative Committee of the Kuomintang, held a political press conference and pointed out that the Tsai administration collected over 1.1 trillion yuan in taxes during the six years in power, and the tax should be paid back to the people.

(Photographed by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] Wang Hongwei, candidate for the by-election of the Legislative Council of the 3rd constituency of the Kuomintang in Taipei City, today (20th) put forward the political opinion of "repaying taxes to the people". DPP candidate Wu Yinong believes that the actual situation is not what Wang Hongwei said He advocated that the extra income should be used first to repay debts.

In this regard, Wang Hongwei was sour in the afternoon, and Wu Yinong still had to make up lessons. Tax over-levying and short-fall are different budget concepts. Some committee members and taxation experts have mentioned it, and they will study it before responding.

In the afternoon, Wang Hongwei went to the Taipei City Election Commission to draw numbers, and accepted the joint interview of the media to respond to the above.

When asked about Wu Yinong's opinion that it would be difficult to debate without specific objections, Wang Hongwei said sourly that she obviously did not want to or dared to debate. In the future, Wu Yinong would not debate with her if she raised 10, 20 or even 100 political opinions.

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The founder of Hon Hai, Terry Gou, attended the 4th anniversary celebration of the National Taiwan University Cancer Center branch yesterday. He talked about the process of buying BNT, which made him feel that the current government does not put the health of the people first. The media asked Wang Hongwei whether Terry Gou intends to general election?

She replied that her mind is full of her own election now, and she is going all out to vote on January 8 next year, and she doesn't think so much about other parts. Thank you.

As for President Tsai Ing-wen’s new low level of support, Wang Hongwei said that the November 26 and December 18 elections actually fully tell the Tsai government what the people think. What everyone expects is that the ruling party can reflect and reform, not what we see now Continue to fight for power and position.