Simona Radeva's friend - the police officer Miroslav Yakimov, besides being the first to respond to the fatal accident on Cherni Vrah Boulevard, is also among the uniformed officers who took part in the detention of Georgi Semerdzhiev.

This is clear from footage of BTV, filmed on the day of the arrest.

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Yesterday it became clear that at the scene of the fatal accident, Simona and her friend exchanged a few words, and then the former policewoman went to help with Semerdzhiev's ladder.

And so several questions remain - did Miroslav know that his girlfriend helped to hide Semerdzhiev and did he know where the man who escaped from the accident was while the police were looking for him?

At this moment, it is not clear whether Yakimov is part of the police officers being checked for the police umbrella over Semerdzhiev.

On the morning after the fatal accident on Cherni Vrah Boulevard, uniformed officers found and detained Georgi Semerdzhiev at his home.

BTV footage shows that among the policemen who attended the arrest was Simona Radeva's friend - Miroslav Yakimov, who is an employee of the capital's 4th district administration.

According to information from the television, he ended up in front of Semerdzhiev's home minutes before the arrest, after starting his second night shift in a row.

He was at the accident on the previous one.

"I have read his testimony.

Interestingly, he was the first to the accident.

He says that the 4th police station is close - they heard, they saw and they reacted," said the lawyer of the deceased Hariet Plamen Dimitrov.

During the first hearing in the "Semerjiev" case, it became clear that already at the scene of the accident, uniformed officers found that Semerjiev was behind the wheel of the jeep.

This happened after they took his phone from the car, saw his picture and recognized him. 

According to the Minister of the Interior, the actions of a number of police officers are currently being checked, including those of Simona Radeva's friend.

"The initial investigation regarding this friend concludes that there is no disciplinary offense and he should not be punished.

Awaiting my verification.

It will be over in days.

Let's wait and I'm sure the result will be different," added Ivan Demerdzhiev.

Demerdzhiev: In the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there will be many people punished because of Semerdzhiev

According to the lawyer of one of the dead girls in the case, there are photos that show how the former policewoman is holding the ladder while Semerdzhiev climbs it.   

"These are from security cameras. A video technical examination has been done and it is clear that it is her," said Plamen Dimitrov.

So in practice - on July 6, Miroslav helped arrest the man who hours earlier his girlfriend hid.

Until now, it remains unclear whether Miroslav knew about the help provided by Simona and whether, while the police were looking for Semerdzhiev, the uniformed man was concealing valuable information.

"A huge number of disciplinary proceedings are pending.

There will certainly be many punished officials," Demerdzhiev said.

Half a year after the accident, the search is on for a man who is known to have been at the scene of the accident.

He wore a helmet on his head, was stamped on photos, was seen by witnesses, but has not yet been identified.

The anti-crisis measures of the Petkov cabinet

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