Finland has announced that it will send the 11th military aid package to Ukraine.

APA reports that the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Finland released information about this.

It was reported that today the President of Finland made a decision based on the proposal of the Government Council.

The cost of military aid is 28.8 million euros.

The total value of all defense aid that Finland has delivered to Ukraine so far is currently EUR 189.2 million.

"Ukraine's defense battle continues. The need for defense equipment is great. We will continue our support," Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen said.

In order to guarantee the safe delivery of the aid, the content of the aid, the method of delivery or the schedule will not be disclosed.

It was noted that when sending additional aid, both the needs of Ukraine and the resource situation of the Defense Forces were taken into account.

In addition, the President of Finland decided to continue the participation of the Armed Forces in providing training support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Great Britain until the end of 2023.

It should be noted that in August, Finland sent about 20 trainers to the training operation of the soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces under the leadership of Great Britain.