Deputies from the Committee on Labor, Social and Demographic Policy adopted in the second reading changes that determine the amount of the gross minimum wage for next year.

This happened with the vote on the second reading of an amendment proposed by Denitsa Sacheva from GERB-SDS and a group of people's representatives, with which "minimum wage" is replaced by "gross minimum wage". 

At the first reading in the plenary hall, the deputies decided that the amount of the minimum wage for the next calendar year should be determined by October 31 of the current year and in an amount not less than 50 percent of the gross average wage for the country for the period of twelve months.

The bill to amend the Labor Code was introduced by BSP MPs.

BSP MPs voted against the addition of the definition "gross minimum wage".

Cornelia Ninova described what happened in the committee as absurd.

Her colleague and former Minister of Social Affairs, Georgi Gyokov, said that in practice, with the accepted proposal, the determination of an adequate minimum wage for 2023 is being put to shame.

A committee of the National Assembly will discuss four proposals to increase the minimum wage