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As for the actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this case will be closed by the end of the year.

Disciplinary proceedings have been initiated and many are expected to conclude at any moment.

There will certainly be many penalized employees.

This is what the Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev said in the program "Face to Face" on BTV

Ivan Demerdzhiev is a lawyer with over 20 years of experience.

He was born in 1975 in Plovdiv.

In 2001, on the occasion of the information that the Ministry of the Interior had established a total of 40 employees of the "Road Police" and "Security Police", who in the last few years had helped Georgi Semerdzhiev - accused of causing the death of two young women after he crashed with his jeep on July 5 in Sofia, to avoid sanctions.

We have other cases where police officers were detained and handed over to the prosecutor's office.

In the Border Police, the director and many superiors were replaced because of shortcomings in their work.

Their failure to control their employees led to their release, Demerdzhiev said.

This means that the police have the power to clean up people who break the law.

We've screened over 9,000 officers for drugs, and only found violations in 20, so it's a myth that cops break the law en masse.

But we make sure that those who break the law are exposed.

It is scary for me that other institutions do not make such efforts, the interior minister pointed out.

Perhaps the reason is that I am not a raven

(in relation to the proverb raven ravenu oko ne vadi - p.ed.)

and I can afford to act in this way, I am not part of the system, he added.

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Ivan Demerdzhiev

Ivan Demerdzhiev is a lawyer with over 20 years of experience.

He was born in 1975 in Plovdiv.

In 2001, he also commented on the actions initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in places in recent days.

Some new players in criminal circles in certain regions who have come to believe that the law does not apply to them, that the state has no power to denounce and punish them.

I made an appeal about a month ago and now conversions have started.

I want to assure them that the state has the power to denounce and punish them.

This is the effect of the closure of special justice.

People in places are motivated, working and the results will be seen soon.

And at the moment we are reaping the fruits of the inaction of the special prosecutor's office, emphasized the Minister of Internal Affairs.

He defined the fence along the border with Turkey as an extremely unreliable facility that does not help the work of the Border Police.

The fence can be overcome multiple times in an extremely short time.

That's why we saturated the border with manpower, with equipment and drones.

We also improved the organization of the Border Police, Demerdzhiev also said.

Ivan Demerdzhiev

Ministry of the Interior

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