A brother and sister in Shengang, Changhua, their father was in a vegetative state for many years in the hospital, and their mother and grandma passed away one after another. People from all walks of life gathered to discuss how to best arrange for the siblings.

(Provided by Lai Qingmei)

[Reporter Liu Xiaoxin/Changhua Report] A brother and sister in Shengang Township, Changhua County, who are in the third year of high school and the first year of junior high school, their father has a cerebral hemorrhage and has become a vegetative state for a long time in the hospital. Unexpectedly, Grandma also died of illness suddenly a few days ago. Seeing that the rental house is about to expire, the account under Grandma's name is only 311 yuan, which makes everyone's nose bitter.

With the care and coordination of all walks of life, the brother and sister will move to the neighbor's house next door, and the kind-hearted entrepreneur is also willing to give each brother and sister 5,000 yuan a month until they leave school!

Lai Qingmei said that she went to take care of this family a few years ago. At that time, the brother and sister's mother passed away. Fortunately, the siblings had grandma to take care of them. Now that grandma is gone, there are only two brothers and sisters left. The brothers and sisters thought about the rent of 4,500 yuan, and the grandma's account was only 311 yuan, which made people feel distressed about the future life of the brothers and sisters.

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According to the social department, the grandma of the brother and sister received monthly living allowance for the disabled, living allowance for the middle and low-income elderly, old age and testamentary annuity, etc. The father of the brother and sister was placed in the hospital for a long time, and the county government provided subsidies for medical and nursing expenses. Has accumulated up to 180,000 yuan.

As for grandma's funeral expenses, the charitable organization also donated 90,000 yuan, and will also provide assistance and care for her follow-up life.

Lai Ching-mei discussed the future arrangements of the siblings with relevant personnel from the Social Affairs Office of the county government today. Since the uncles of the siblings live in Tainan, even if they take the siblings to live, they will have to rent another house. I went to visit my father in the hospital. It just so happened that the child next door to the rental house had a very good relationship with the brother and sister. The neighbor was willing to let the brother and sister move in, and the social department would help with living expenses.

Lai Qingmei said that she knew a kind-hearted boss in Lukang. This time, she offered to give each of the siblings 5,000 yuan a month until the two of them left the campus, and the landlord was also willing to extend the moving date.

There are many kind-hearted people in the society who come to help the siblings. She believes this is the best arrangement, so that the siblings can complete their studies with peace of mind.