People’s Party legislator Gao Hong’an (1st from left) was investigated and interviewed last week for his assistant’s fees; co-defendants also included Gao Hong’an’s boyfriend Li Zhongting (2nd from left), director of the Gao Office Chen Huanyu (2nd from right), and former public relations team leader Wang Yuwen (right 1).

(Photographed by reporters Liu Xinde and Cong Changjin, synthesized by this newspaper)

[Reporter Qian Lizhong/Taipei Report] The Hsinchu Mayor-elect of the People's Party Gao Hongan was accused of fraudulently receiving assistant fees. The case intensified. Gao was investigated and searched for the first time last week. The 600,000 yuan bond was ordered for crimes such as taking advantage of job opportunities to fraudulently obtain property; it is reported that the investigation found that most of the documents related to the assistant fee of the Higher Office had been destroyed, and the former executive director of the Higher Office "Little Rabbit" Huang Huiwen privately "scanned" After filing the relevant documents and comparing Huang Huiwen's statement, the case was broken through.

It is reported that when Gao Hongan was interrogated by the prosecutor, she completely denied all allegations such as fraudulently receiving assistant fees; however, Huang Huiwen was cautious. From December to December, the "receipts", "invoices" and "receipts" of each account she handled were "scanned and kept" one by one, and on each receipt, there were her handwritten notes, such as payment and media meal Expenses, who are on the attendance list, etc., are helpful for the task force to restore and compare in time sequence.

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Last week, after investigations and investigations searched 8 residences of the High Office of the Legislative Yuan and Gao Hongan and other defendants, except for Gao who was ordered to hand over 600,000 yuan in bail for corruption charges, Chen Huanyu, the current director of the High Office, and Wang Yuwen, the former head of the public relations team, were arrested for corruption. They did not have the status of civil servants. After the interrogation, they were charged with forging documents, fraud and other crimes, and were ordered to post 100,000 yuan on bail.

Gao's boyfriend Li Zhongting was brought back as a defendant.

It is understood that the reason why Li Zhongting was asked to return without guarantee was that Huang Huiwen resigned in less than a year in the high office, and Li took over Huang Huiwen's accounting business for 2 months, but he did not leave any information for inspection and comparison. During the period of Li's accounting, there was no evidence that Li donated the assistant fee to the provident fund or misappropriated the provident fund for private use. After evaluating the evidence in hand, the prosecutor had no choice but to ask Li Wubao to return.

As for Chen Huanyu and Wang Yuwen, compared to Huang Huiwen who chose to provide copies of every receipt, invoice, and receipt that she privately scanned and retained to the inspection and investigation before the inspection launched a search, Chen and Wang They were passive and waited for the inspection to come to the door to search and interview. The 2 people truthfully restored the case history such as donating the provident fund. Although the 2 confessions were roughly the same as Huang Huiwen's, they did not "actively" explain the case, and each was ordered to pay 100,000 yuan on bail.

After Huang Huiwen's resignation, Li Zhongting briefly managed her business for 2 months, and then the current executive director of the High Office, Huang Linghui, took over the accounting; before the investigation and search, the internal accounts of the High Office related to the collection of provident funds and donations have been deleted. However, Huang Linghui never donated back the provident fund, so Fang went to the interrogation as a witness.

The official computer hard disk used by Huang Linghui for accounting was confiscated during the investigation and search for the Higher Office of the Liyuan. Information, as for the hard drive of the desktop computer that was seized during the inspection, is it the same hard drive that Huang Huiwen used during his tenure?

The inspection and adjustment are also continuing to be restored and clarified.

It is understood that because Huang Huiwen has provided the scanned files of all the documents, the current situation of Huang Huiwen's case during his employment from February to December 2020 is relatively clear; There is still a donation to the provident fund every month, so the relevant accounts of the high office from January 2021 to October this year will continue to be clarified in the follow-up to check whether there are illegal crimes such as fraudulently receiving assistant fees.