There will definitely be another wave of mobilization in Russia, because Putin has decided to drag out the war and he needs a lot of "cannon fodder".

This opinion was expressed by the Russian opposition politician Gennady Gudkov, "24 Channel" informs.

The opposition member noted that Russia has a large mobilization resource.

"And as the "cannon fodder" in the war runs out, it will be replenished thanks to this mobilization," Gudkov said.

According to him, despite Putin's assurances, the mobilization in the Russian Federation does not stop, although now, perhaps, it is not such an active phase - people are not caught just on the streets.

"But in general it (mobilization. - Ed.) continues, subpoenas are distributed, there is some coercion. It's just that so far Putin does not have a great need for a new portion of "cannon fodder". As soon as it appears - the mobilization itself will become more active," - Hudkov believes.

According to the expert, the mobilization harms the Putin regime and causes serious disagreements, but nevertheless - everything will continue, because the dictator has no other way out.

Putin decided to throw new units from the newly mobilized into battle as long as possible.

According to Gudkov, it was possible to mobilize about 200,000 people in the Russian Federation.

About 80,000 were sent to the front, but somewhere there are still 120,000 reserves who are undergoing training.  

"Therefore, the head of the Kremlin will continue to prolong the war and hopes that he will find some way out. But the way out for him is the loss of power and his life, because it is intertwined with him," Gennadiy Gudkov concluded.

Mobilization in the Russian Federation

It will be recalled that on September 21, dictator Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of mobilization in Russia.

According to the NSDC, more Russians of conscription age fled abroad from Russia than they were able to mobilize.

At the beginning of November, Putin announced that 

318,000 men had already been mobilized in the Russian Federation for the war against Ukraine.

On November 1, the Russian dictator 

announced the end of mobilization in the Russian Federation

, but he did not sign a separate decree about it.

On December 7, Putin admitted that the war in Ukraine could drag on for a long time.

According to analysts of the American Institute for the Study of War, Putin is preparing the Russians for a protracted, exhausting war in Ukraine.

Experts do not rule out that the dictator will again announce mobilization. 

Thus, the military commissar of the cities near Moscow said that the mobilization in Russia is not over, but suspended.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny explained that the mobilization in Russia really worked and the Russians will try to go on the offensive again in Donbas, north or south.

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