The purpose of Putin's visit to


is much broader than talks about the direct participation of Belarusian troops in the invasion of Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by Yevhen Magda, director of the Institute of World Politics,

in a comment to

"Everything is a bit more complicated. I think that Putin's goal is much broader than talking about the direct participation of Belarusian troops in the invasion of Ukraine. For the simple reason that the number of the Belarusian army and the number of people willing to fight within the Belarusian army today have nothing to do with this issue decides. And accordingly, it is important for Putin to promote topics related to the union state. Do not forget that Putin considers the collapse of the USSR to be the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. And accordingly, he, I think, plays in this format. After all, not all documents from creation of the union state was signed," he said.

But, according to Magda, Putin believes that Lukashenka's positions today are such that he will not be able to resist for long and will make concessions.

"However, there is one nuance here. Here, as in football, there is the factor of his field. If Lukashenko is even a weaker player, but on his territory, he understands that Putin's opportunities to influence him are objectively limited. And that's why he , I think insisted that Putin fly in. This really happened for the first time after the events of 2020, which in certain issues were also inspired by Russia. And Putin just looked at Lukashenka, and most likely the decision that he made is there, just it is not a fact that it will be implemented today or tomorrow. That is, it is a long enough game. And Lukashenko remains today the only military and political ally of Putin who speaks out loud about supporting aggression against Ukraine. This is for him, you know, such a guarantee policy insurance that he will be able to be in this position and he will not have to make any concessions," the expert says.

According to Yevhen Magda, the risks for Ukraine are that training of Russian military personnel continues on the territory of Belarus, and this will be a constant factor of pressure on our state.

"But I do not see any other factors today. That is, I do not see such a concentration of Russian troops that can enter the territory of Ukraine as it was on February 24. Despite the talk about the creation of an allied group, I do not believe in a situation in which Belarusian officers will command the Russian military. This, in my opinion, is simply impossible. Not to mention that Belarusian generals command Russian officers," he explained.

The expert noted that Belarusian and Russian propaganda from the fall of 2020 repeats the harmfulness of the Maidan, etc., but there is no support for Belarus to fight against Ukraine.

"That is, there is no such militancy. The factor of war plays a role in Belarus, first of all, the Second World War, which took the lives of every third resident of Belarus. And this greatly affects the mood. It is extremely difficult to "sell" war to Belarusians," he concluded.

We will remind you that today, December 19, for the first time since 2019, Russian dictator 

Putin visited Minsk


The plane of the Russian dictator 

was accompanied by fighter jets


For the conspiracy, three more Russian government planes were raised in the air.

Russian Minister of Defense Shoigu and Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov

also came to Minsk 


While exiting the plane, Putin was embarrassed on the gangway - he did not notice the last step and jumped over it.

In turn, the Belarusian dictator presented the president of the Russian Federation with a bouquet of flowers.

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