The General Prosecutor's Office

of Azerbaijan

has opened a criminal case and declared an international wanted expert of the Center for Military-Political Studies of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Mykhailo Alexandrov, after his scandalous statement that missile strikes on the oil industry of Azerbaijan will lead to an increase in oil prices.

Azerbaijani mass media write about.   

"On December 19, the Prosecutor General opened a criminal case against Mykhailo Aleksandrov under Articles 101.2 (open calls for aggressive war through mass media), 214.2.3 (threats to commit terrorist acts using firearms) and of the National hatred or enmity with the use of an official position) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan," the message reads.

According to the court's decision, he has been declared an international wanted person through the channels of Interpol, with the choice of preventive measure in the form of arrest.

It is also reported that at the same time requests were sent to the competent authorities of a number of partner states with the aim of ensuring the extradition of the accused in case of his entry into the territory of these countries.

Intensive investigative measures are currently underway.

The General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan declares that the measures prescribed by law will be taken in connection with any provocative activity directed against the national interests, security and territorial integrity of the country.

It will be recalled that Mykhailo

Aleksandrov proposed a missile attack on Azerbaijan in response to the oil embargo

and the establishment of a price ceiling for Russian oil.

In this usual way for Russia, he proposed the option of "eliminating competitors in the oil market with the help of Russian missiles."

Limitation of prices for Russian oil

On Friday, December 2, EU countries

agreed on a regulated "ceiling" of prices for Russian oil

delivered by sea at $60 per barrel, the decision must be approved by the Council of the EU on Saturday.

The countries of the Group of Seven (G7) and Australia announced similar measures.

Russia was outraged by such a decision.

Thus, Putin's press secretary Dmytro Peskov said that Russia will not accept a "ceiling" of oil prices. 

And the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to international organizations in Vienna, Mykhailo Ulyanov, said that

Russia will allegedly stop supplying oil

to European countries against the background of oil price restrictions.

In order to circumvent the oil sanctions introduced against Russia due to military aggression,

the Kremlin is forming a "shadow fleet"


The aggressor country bought more than 100 ships for its transportation.

This is stated in the material of the Financial Times agency, referring to the estimates of the shipping broker Braemar and the energy consulting company Rystad.

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