Chen Shouxian (first from the right) won 4 cups and was elected as the sixth chairman of the Jiuzhuang Ma Cultural Association.

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[Reporter Ou Sumei/Taichung Report] "Jiuzhuang Ma" is the representative of Hakka people's faith in the Xinshe area of ​​Taichung City. The Jiuzhuang Ma Cultural Association aims to preserve, research and promote the culture of Jiuzhuang Ma. Toss the bamboo)" to elect the chairman of the board, and 15 directors took turns to "post cup" in front of Jiuzhuang's mother. As a result, Chen Shouxian was elected with 4 cups.

The election of the chairman of the Jiuzhuang Ma Cultural Association is to first elect 15 directors through the general meeting, and all the elected directors will go to the Jiuzhuang Ma seat to "postscript cup". The one with the most Holy Grails will be the chairman. Tonight, 15 directors It took turns to "post-cup" in front of Jiuzhuang Ma. As a result, director Chen Shouxian won 4 cups and was elected as the sixth chairman of Jiuzhuang Ma Cultural Association.

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"Jiuzhuang Ma" is the most important folk belief in Hakka Village of Xinshe. It is recorded in the literature that more than 180 years ago, a camphor worker in Xinshe found a statue of Mazu in the rain while hiding from the rain, and brought the statue back to the village to worship Because the Mazu is very effective, the nine villages began to take turns as the furnace masters to worship, but no temple was built for sacrifices, so there is the name of "there is a god but no temple" in Jiuzhuang Ma.

Jiuzhuang Ma will go around the country to visit villages. This tradition has been passed down for more than 130 years. It is usually held between the third day and the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. During the Qing Dynasty, the Hakka ancestors established nine Zhuangtou in the early days of reclamation of Xinshe, including Shandingzhuang (Zhongzhengli), Xinshezhuang (Xinsheli), Tuchengzhuang (Yuehuli), Dustpanhu (Yuehuli), Bautoudian, Bird Guntou (Fushengli), Shuidiliao (Dongxingli), Dayanzhuang (Dananli), Malipu (Yongyuanli), etc.

The Jiuzhuang Ma Cultural Association elects the chairman of the board with the "Ba Cup".

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