"Desire" is the path to "suffering". The desire to go on for another 2 years of "Uncle Tu" is therefore a great suffering!!

The decision to separate the path with Uncle Pom caused "Uncle Tu" to have a big problem that had to think a lot.

because the Palang Pracharat Party and the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party are the same market product

It's a fight that forces the 2 brothers and sisters to cut their scores!!

Sprouting into 2 parties also prevents the opportunity for the 3-year superpower group to have no right to become a leading party to hold the pole to form a government as before.

Prime Minister Uncle Tu had to place his hopes on "Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul", a tight-fitting member of the Bhumjaithai Party, to form a government.

Having to borrow another party's nose to breathe makes "Uncle 3 Por" no longer have bargaining power.

You see that splitting into 2 parties is not profitable, only loss!!

Although there are "250 senators" who voted for "Uncle Tu" to return as prime minister

does not guarantee that Prime Minister Uncle Tu will hold power stably

If the opposition party has

More MPs in the House of Representatives than the Government

Prime Minister Uncle Tu must be voted by the opposition to overthrow and fall from the chair within 3 months and 6 months!!

"Mother Luk Chan" viewed that the decision to part with "Uncle Pom" before the dissolution of the National Assembly was just 3 months too close.

Until there is no time to think carefully that it will be a disadvantage?

or good result?

But hey, once you've decided to move on.

Must continue to the end of the alley

This would be the perfect opportunity to

"Uncle Tu Prime Minister" will prove that he can stand on his own legs.

Without having to let “Pee Pom” carry the Krateng like before

but embarrassing

Because of this election battle, "Brothers and sisters in the 2nd grade" have to measure each other's power.

have to compete with each other

have to compete for points

Friendly voice that no one gives up

Election results early next year will indicate that

"Big Brother-Little Sister" Who is better??

If the Thai Ruam Party can build a nation

more MPs than Palang Pracharat Party

It shows that "Uncle Tu" made the right decision to split up and form his own party.

But if the Palang Pracharat Party can

More MPs than the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party

Shows that "Uncle Tu" made a lot of mistakes!!

"Mother Luk Chan" pointed out that the decision to set up a political party made "Uncle Tu" have to go down and mix with politicians.

Because in the past, there was "Pee Pom" as a movie in front of the fire to supervise the wily politicians.

As for "Nong Tu" as Spiderman manipulating the web in the tower

In conclusion, flying alone will prove the ability of "Uncle Tu" to control politicians.

Prove the ability to select people

and proved survival in the council

If it's going to reach the child, reach the person

"Uncle Tu Prime Minister" must apply for the number one list of MPs.

Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party


will stand and exchange fists with

MPs in the House of Commons

When thinking big about setting up a political party yourself, you have to run for election and spread the rumors to the House of Commons.

The last round of boxing must be full, Yom.

"Mother of the Moon"