Ke Zhien, executive director of the Kuomintang think tank, accepted an exclusive interview with an online program.

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[Reporter Lin Liangsheng/Taipei Report] The Kuomintang won a big victory in the nine-in-one election. As for the candidate for the 2024 presidential election, Ke Zhien, executive director of the National Government Foundation, a think tank of the Kuomintang, said that he will use polls or other methods to find the candidate, but don’t doubt the Kuomintang chairman Zhu Lilun, Chu will find suitable candidates through a transparent mechanism.

Ke Zhien accepted an exclusive interview with an online program this afternoon. Regarding the KMT’s 2024 election, Ke Zhien believes that the most important thing for the KMT is that the party’s primary election mechanism in April and May should be transparent and open. If there is no sign of introspection, if the public can feel that the Kuomintang is a trustworthy political party, the Kuomintang will certainly have a lot to do.

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Ke Zhien also mentioned that the Kuomintang's cross-strait argument needs a big debate. It needs to explain that the Kuomintang can maintain a more peaceful cross-strait relationship than the DPP, but it is by no means selling Taiwan.

As for the future KMT presidential candidate in 2024, Ke Zhien said that he can rest assured that Zhu Lilun has been in the past for a while, including leading the nine-in-one election. Look, the original decisions and policies represent the correct line of Zhu Lilun.

Ke Zhien said, do not always say whether Zhu Lilun is going to point to 2024. Based on her understanding of Zhu Lilun, Zhu just wants to put the KMT on the greatest common divisor. So far, he has used other technical methods such as polls to find the strongest candidate people.

Ke Zhien pointed out that in the past, people thought that Zhu Lilun was too calculating, but she believes that this time there should be no doubts about Zhu. It can be seen from the nine-in-one election that Zhu must be applauded.

Ke Zhien also pointed out that Hou Youyi, the mayor of New Taipei City, has been highly polled so far. If by April or May next year, the social atmosphere still feels that Hou is the most suitable, he will use a transparent and scientific mechanism to select candidates.

As for whether former Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu has a role?

Ke Zhien thinks that she doesn't think that Han is the role of the sedan chair in the nine-in-one assistant selection this time, and Han is very clear about his role playing.