In the current 22 county and city chief elections, the Kuomintang won 14 seats, the Democratic Progressive Party 5 seats, the People's Party 1 seat, and the non-party membership 2 seats.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The nine-in-one general election in 2022 came to an end on the 26th of last month. As for mayors and counties across Taiwan, the KMT won 13 counties and cities, the DPP won 5, and the People’s Party won Hsinchu City 1 seat.

However, the results of the Chiayi mayor re-election were released earlier, and the Kuomintang candidate Huang Minhui won the election, which also represented the Kuomintang to gain another seat in the county and city election campaign, and finally won 14 seats in 22 counties and cities.

The Chiayi mayoral election was originally scheduled to be held on November 26 in the nine-in-one general election. However, due to the death of one of the candidates, according to Article 30 of the "Public Official Election and Recall Law", "regional legislators, municipal mayors and county (city) ) candidate for the mayoral election dies between the deadline for registration and the polling day, the Election Commission shall immediately announce the suspension of the election in the constituency and re-election on a regular basis.”

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Earlier, the re-election of Chiayi mayor ended. The result was won by the Kuomintang candidate Huang Minhui. The Kuomintang added 1 seat to 14 seats from the 13 counties and cities it won in the nine-in-one general election.

Therefore, in this campaign for county and city chiefs, among the 22 county and mayor seats, the KMT won 14 county and city seats, the DPP won 5 seats, and the People's Party won 1 seat.

Compared with the 2018 county and mayor elections, Taoyuan City among the 6 capitals changed from green to blue, and the Kuomintang took back Taipei City. Kaohsiung City changed from blue to green earlier due to the dismissal of Han Guoyu in 2020. Chen Qimai won re-election this year. Continue to be governed by the Democratic Progressive Party.

Among other counties and cities, 3 counties and cities have also changed, namely, Penghu County from blue to green, Keelung City from green to blue, and the People's Party won Hsinchu City.

The results of the 2022 local nine-in-one general election have been released. The list of elected mayors of each county is as follows:

Liudu area

Taipei City: KMT Jiang Wanan

New Taipei City: KMT Hou Youyi

Taoyuan City: KMT Zhang Shanzheng

Taichung City: Lu Xiuyan from the Kuomintang

Tainan City: DPP Huang Weizhe

Kaohsiung City: Chen Qimai, Democratic Progressive Party

northern region

Keelung City: KMT Xie Guoliang

Hsinchu County: KMT Yang Wenke

Hsinchu City: People's Party Gao Hongan

Central Region

Miaoli County: Zhong Dongjin without party membership

Changhua County: KMT Wang Huimei

Nantou County: KMT Xu Shuhua

Yunlin County: Zhang Lishan of the Kuomintang

southern region

Chiayi County: Weng Zhangliang of the Democratic Progressive Party

Chiayi City: KMT Huang Minhui

Pingtung County: Zhou Chunmi, Democratic Progressive Party

East area

Yilan County: Lin Zimiao of the Kuomintang

Hualien County: KMT Xu Zhenwei

Taitung County: KMT Rao Qingling

Outer Islands

Penghu County: DPP Chen Guangfu

Lianjiang County: Wang Zhongming of the Kuomintang

Kinmen County: Chen Fuhai without party membership