TV presenter and blogger

Oleksiy Durnev

commented on the scandal with his colleague

Masha Yefrosinina

, whom he called a "superstar from the past" in one of his videos.

According to Oleksiy, he did not intend to hurt the TV presenter with his words.

According to the showman, he just successfully noticed the situation and spoke about it.

"I didn't have any specific goal to work on Masha. I just said something aptly. I have such a superpower - to spot something very aptly. She herself remembered this saying, repeated it several times: "Well, yes, I'm a superstar from the past." She herself understands this," Durnev said in an interview with Ramina Eskhakzai.

We will remind that the conflict between Efrosinina and Durnev arose after the host answered the question of whether Oleksiy wanted to give an interview: "Most likely not, because Masha cannot understand whether she is a superstar from the past or an interview" Yuer". 

Then the TV presenter was very offended by her colleague and said that he had acted "not in a boyish way". 

However, now the stars were able to resolve the misunderstanding and even performed together at one of Durnev's and Volodymyr Dantes' "Fire" concerts.

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