Lin Yingmeng "guided" Gao Hongan with the experience of "a person who has experienced it", in the case of fraudulently receiving assistant fees, what must be done in order to obtain non-prosecution.

(Picture taken from Lin Yingmeng's Facebook page)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Hsinchu Mayor-elect Gao Hongan's case of fraudulently receiving assistant fees continues to rage, and the blue and white camps escorted him, accusing the DPP of political pursuit.

In this regard, Taipei City Councilor Lin Yingmeng, who was also involved in the suspicion of fraudulent assistant fees, recently listed and compared his situation with Gao's, "guiding" Gao Hongan what he must do if he wants not to prosecute.

Gao Hongan was involved in fraudulently receiving assistant fees, and paid 600,000 yuan on bail in the early morning of the 16th. Then people from the blue and white camp jumped out to insinuate that the inspection and interviews were a political persecution by the green camp.

In this regard, Lin Yingmeng posted a comparison table between himself and Gao Hongan's case on Facebook PO on the same day, showing that when he was also involved in the suspicion of fraudulently claiming assistant fees, the plots in the disputed money flow were slightly less than Gao Hongan's, or even none. However, Gao Hongan was escorted by many blue and white camps who posted articles, but she was "caught and killed", so she couldn't help but satirize the blue and white politicians, "I hope you, who have such a sense of justice, can also help me, who has no party, no power and no power, to support me. "

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In response to the People's Party Chairman Ke Wenzhe's criticism of the DPP's attack on Gao Hongan as "excessive, without the principle of proportionality" and "violating the common sense of ordinary people", Lin Yingmeng said: "This time I want to agree with Ke Wenzhe, it is absolutely right, if Gao Hongan did it Everything turned out to be done by me, and I have been detained long ago. Sure enough, Gao Hongan really violated the principle of proportionality and the common sense of ordinary people.”

Today (18th) Lin Yingmeng mentioned her controversy over fraudulently receiving assistant fees through Facebook, claiming that she was not prosecuted at the beginning because there were many contradictory loopholes in the evidence and testimony submitted by the whistleblower.

She appealed to Gao Hongan based on the experience of "experts". If she wants to obtain non-prosecution, Gao Hongan has to prove that "the evidence handed in by the assistant is false", "the testimony of the assistant is false", and "I have never used any form of assistant fee for personal purposes." These points.