"Huang Hongcheng, the president of the world's great man of wealth, Taiwan Ah Cheng", ran for the mayor of Chiayi. The weight difference between three months ago (right) and now (left) is 15 kg.

(Taken from the Facebook page of "Huang Hongcheng Taiwan Acheng President of the World's Greatest God of Wealth" and photo by reporter Lin Yizhang)

[Reporter Ding Weijie/Report from Chiayi] Chiayi mayor re-election, the results of the counting of votes came out this evening, the 15-character non-party candidate "Huang Hongcheng Taiwan Acheng World Great God of Wealth President" won 535 votes, compared with the mayoral election 4 years ago There were 1,287 votes missing; regarding the election results, Taiwan's Ah Cheng said with a smile, "It doesn't matter how many votes it has, if you get one vote, you will be touched by one vote!"

Looking back on the election history of Ah Cheng in Taiwan, he has participated in 5 local public office elections so far.

In addition to the re-election of Chiayi mayor, he won 535 votes and a vote rate of 0.57%. He also participated in the 2014 Chiayi county magistrate election and got 8638 votes and a vote rate of 2.82%. The rate was 1.49%; in the 2018 Chiayi mayoral election, 1,822 votes were received, with a vote rate of 1.28%; in the 2020 Chiayi Legislative Committee election, 1,208 votes were received, with a vote rate of 0.75%.

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According to the regulations of the Election and Strike Law, the deposit for the election of mayors and legislators in non-Liudu counties is 200,000 yuan, which must reach 10% of the electoral threshold to get it back.

A total of 800,000 yuan in security deposits were confiscated in Taiwan's Ah Cheng's previous 4 elections, and the 200,000 yuan security deposit is bound to be lost for this election because it did not meet the threshold.

Taiwan's Ah Cheng said that the rate of votes or the number of votes won is not the focus of concern, because it is just to strive for opportunities to serve the people.

"The security deposit is not confiscated, but patriotic!" He said that without elections in a democratic country, it is impossible to raise talents for the country. All systems will collapse and the country will not survive. Participating in elections is concerned about public affairs, and it is very important for citizens of democratic countries Glorious great thing.

During Taiwan's election campaign, Ah Cheng often wore sports underwear to stand at the intersection to ask for votes, posted photos of gym exercises on his Facebook fan page, attended political speeches, and even wore sports underwear and yoga pants to the scene. Heavy.

He said that he went to the gym, practiced yoga, and asked for tickets at the intersection. In the past three months, he has lost 15 kilograms. He used to have "three layers of meat" around his waist, but now his muscles have become stronger. He will go to the gym immediately after the ticket is issued today. check in.

Immediately after the 2024 presidential and legislative elections will come, do you intend to re-election?

Taiwan's Ah Cheng said that in 2024, there are only the best policy (cooperating with all parties to elect the president and vice president) and the middle policy (selecting the Jiacheng Legislator), and there is no bad policy at all. For other details, you have to consult Dr. Weng Shouliang, a nobleman in life.

When the election results were announced, Ah Cheng from Taiwan said with a smile, "It doesn't matter how many votes there are, as long as you get one vote, you will be touched by one vote!" (Provided by Ah Cheng, Taiwan)