If I could go back in time 100 times, I would have made the same decision 100 times.

This was stated in an exclusive interview by Hristo Petrov - Itso Hazarta

Hristo Petrov - Itso Hazarta was born on December 19, 1979 in Sofia.

Hristo concludes about his entry into politics as part of Continuing the Change.

”Then I, like everyone in this group, have had certain descriptions.

Now I am more confident than ever that this is my place and these are my people," he added.

Petrov commented on the harsh criticism of President Radev, who declared the PP a "political mistake" and "charlatancy".

"The word "charlatan" is very interesting.

When you stand in front of the whole society with a raised fist and a call "Get out" and then assign those same expressions to "Captain Andreevo", maybe you should look at the dictionary or the mirror", he turned to Radev. 

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