Blue and green votes in Chiayi mayoral elections in the past three years

[Reporters Ding Weijie, Wang Shanyan, Lin Yizhang, Huang Jingyu, Chen Yun, Lin Liangsheng/Comprehensive Report] The results of Chiayi Mayor's re-election were released yesterday. KMT Chiayi Mayor Huang Minhui, who was running for re-election, overwhelmingly voted 63.

With 6% of the votes, he won the election and is on his way to the fourth term mayor.

The mayoral candidate of the DPP, Li Junyu, failed to push out the green camp base, and won only 34 votes.


Li Junyu won 34% of the votes and did not push out the basic market

Huang Minhui said that the election is over, and she hopes it will be the beginning of unity again. She will do her best to unite all citizens, write history together, and fight for the future together.

Li Junyu said that although this election was not successful, he will continue to work hard to make this land better. Please do not lose your ambitions and let Chiayi City continue to develop together.

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The turnout rate was only 43%, the lowest record for Mayor Jia

The Chiayi mayoral election, originally scheduled for November 26, was postponed to yesterday due to the unfortunate death of a candidate.

Combined with the results of the county and mayor elections released on November 26, the Kuomintang won a total of 14 seats, the DPP 5 seats, the People's Party 1 seat, and non-party members 2 seats.

There were 214,130 people elected in the re-election of the 11th mayor of Chiayi City, the number of voters was 94,188, and the turnout rate was 43.

99%, setting a record for the lowest turnout in the Jia mayoral election.

According to the Central Election Committee, Huang Minhui received 59,874 votes, Li Junyu 32,790 votes, Chen Taishan, a non-party member, 246 votes, Huang Hongcheng Taiwan Ah Cheng, the president of the world's great man of wealth, 535 votes, Zheng Kaisheng Three six eight votes.

The Central Election Committee will hold a committee meeting on the 22nd to review the election results and announce the list of elected candidates.

According to the analysis of local people, Li Junyi lost about 40% of the green camp in this election. There were many factors in the defeat. The election was extended for more than three weeks. During the process, Li Junyu won public support by standing at intersections, sweeping streets, and preaching at temple entrances. The Democratic Progressive Party, including Chief Executive Su Zhenchang, many county mayors, and legislators also went to support the election. However, it is not easy to reverse this battle.

Chen Qimai: Insufficient review but will not lose fighting spirit

Chen Qimai, acting chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that he respected the election results and thanked all Chiayi folks.

After the 9-in-1 election, the DPP will remain vigilant and fearful. The DPP will continue to reflect on its own deficiencies, but it will not lose its fighting spirit. It will continue to advance as a team, adjust the direction of reform, and strive to win the approval of the public.

KMT Chairman Chu Li-lun said yesterday that the KMT does not dare to be complacent or happy, and will continue to work hard to face the other two by-elections for legislators.

KMT Mayor Huang Minhui (second from left) was re-elected and expressed his gratitude to voters.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)